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To the women who stood by me.

As I tried to open my swollen eyes, I could feel my heart pounding in my head. I tried to take inventory of the situation through my senses. Excruciating pain radiated from my head. “Okay, sit up.” As I tried to sit up I felt stinging pain in my entire body. “Okay, maybe not lay …


To My Chronically Ill, Warrior Friend.- The Invisible battle of an Invisible Illness

Dear Warrior, I’m sorry your life, as you knew it before you got sick, has ended, temporarily, or permanently. I know that nothing about your life will ever be the same. From the way you get out of bed and button your jacket, to your career and relationships, all the way down to your self …


Introduction: A story no woman should ever have to tell.

This is a story that has been told by the Startirbune, the daily mail, channel 5, and countless other news stations. It has been told by prosecutors and defense attorneys, by eye witnesses and expert witnesses, by friends and family. It has been told by so many people, besides me. The thing is, it’s not …


When Addiction Wins- A Letter to the Loved One that I lost.

Heroin Diaries I still remember the shivers that went up my spine, and the butterfly’s in my stomach the first time you put your hand on my thigh. I remember the way I couldn’t catch my breath when your eyes would lock with mine, it was like you were looking directly into my soul. It …


Screw Mom shaming, you’re a badass doing your best, and your kids LOVE YOU.

When I was married, I used to watch my husband, at the time, get praised to no end by complete strangers for performing very basic parenting tasks. It used to drive me insane! Hello! I just created this human life, carried it for 9 months, labored this child, and delivered this child, and now am …


Reaching in- Why Reaching In To Individuals With Mental Illness Is So Important.

I see a lot of post on social media encouraging individuals to “reach out”. Now, I don’t want to criticize this because I do think it is amazing that individuals are offering support. It is a step in the right direction. Some movement is better than no movement. However, when you are talking about an …

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