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Mental Health

PTSD: When surviving feels more like dying.

When it comes to battling PTSD I wish I could tell you this road will be easy, but that would be a lie. Healing is going to be the hardest thing you have ever done, but if you survived what brought you here in the first place- you can survive this. The road to recovery …

Mental Health

Finding truth during unprecedented times.

I fully support individuals speaking their truth, in fact I encourage it. However, I implore you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself where your truth is coming from. I don’t mean to cite your source, either. Although, that couldn’t hurt. I mean to look inside and ask yourself if your truth is coming …

Mental Health

The Grief that Comes with Losing Yourself after Trauma.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I got lost. It is one of those things that happened slowly over time. One unchecked thought and one unchecked behavior at a time, the person I was slowly eroded away. At first I didn’t even know I was gone. I just felt this deep longing for something and …

Mental Health

Self Care: It isn’t a Luxury For the Privileged- It is Protecting Yourself.

Some days its hard to remember that quarantine is temporary. Having all sense of normalcy stripped away is incredibly challenging. While working from home it is hard to remember the basics at times, which seems counter intuitive. If there is so much more time, and so much less to do- why does the weight of …

Mental Health

Choosing love in the darkest of times. {Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault}

One year ago I was in the midst of a jury trial as a victim of sexual assault. Oof, that is not an easy sentence to write. After I testified I wrote, and read what is called a victim impact statement. This letter is heard by the prosecution, the defense, the judge and the entire …

Mental Health

Setting attainable goals that will uphold your values and honor your authentic self.

Every new year, hundreds of thousands of individuals make vows to themselves that they break within a few weeks. Hordes of individuals pile into the gyms, motivated, ambitious and ready to make changes. They go hard at first, and with in a few weeks it fizzles out, leaving them disappointed. This isn’t due to a …

Mental Health

Be Gentle With Yourself and Manage Your Expectations- We’re Not Made for Lockdown

  Quarantine isn’t easy for the majority of us. We are facing an economic collapse during a pandemic. There are so many unknowns and we are all being terrorized with fear. The whole world has been put on hold, well except for bills. A lot of people are out of work either temporarily, some of …

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