Photo credit: Kim Faddler

There is a place, in the silence of the trees, where there is a slight breeze.

There is a place, in between reality and a dream, where my heart doesn’t scream.

There is a place, so familiar to my soul, where I still have control.

There is place, where I can feel you for a second, before it slips through my fingers.

Where I can feel you like an old song lyric, on the tip of my tongue.

A lyrics so studied and special, yet at the moment it just alludes me.

A song so memorized and familiar, it will most certainly come back and consume me.

This is the place, that I can feel you like a presence that just left the room, right before I entered it.

A room where your tea kettle is still steaming, and your shoes left marks by the door.

I can see your cigarette still burning, and you’re about to walk back in for more.

This is the place where if I sit silently for a minute I might be able to remember the smell of your skin.

A place made up of nostalgia that brings me to my knees.

This is your place, in the silence of the trees.

This is a place between memory and reality, where you now live.

A place where I can pretend you might return.

This is our place, where for you I still yearn.

This is the place, the only place where my heart I still give.

This is the place, the only place, where you still live.

Photo credit: Kim Faddler

Photo credit: Kim Faddler

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